The happiest me.

I am happiest when I am with you.

Only when we get together do I find myself smiling, giggling, laughing like kids do.

Though it was not like the feeling I had when we were together snuggling on your bed nor like the peace of mind I experienced the time I closed my eyes, seeing you sleeping beside me; not even the joy you brought me when I woke up in the morning seeing you first thing the moment I opened my eyes.

Still, I am the happiest.

Few are the moments when we now get together.Rare are the times when I see you close enough.
Odd are the instances that i see you smile at me, again.

Way back months ago, things were running smoothly between us. Until I broke everything good between us by giving color and meaning to what we have.

Since then, you distanced yourself from me. Convoluted as I was, I tried to reach you for answers to questions lingering in my mind, but, to no avail.

What I miss the most about you?

Its the way you smile whenever you pass by me. Its the way you look into my eyes when I talk to you. Its the way you tell your stories during our meetups. And the way my hand fits yours.

I really miss the way things were, between us.

And so now, every chance I get, I take pictures. I try to capture those moments of you and me together. Because it is only through these, that we can be “us”.

And only through those moments, that I am my happiest.


  1. Pat

    Remember there is no pleasure without pain. No life without death. No happiness without sorrow. No love without sacrifice. Most of all no you without her. Do not give up but don’t forget to rest sometimes. Let time make its way.

  2. ferdinand

    april,2009..ito yung time na ninais ko wakasan ang. uhay ng usang ochi.hehehe..pero natatawa nalang ako twing maiisip ko yun.twing maalala ko yung mga pinagdanan ko ng dahil sa bigo kong ang mas nakakatawa, wala sya pakialam kung anuman mga twing matatawa ako sa pagunita nun, sasalit nmn ang lungkot. lungkot hindi dahil sa

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