RX (Risky eXploit)

I shall be reassigned to a new project and new team. I will assume the position of a fellow employee and on the other hand, he gets my work load. I called this the RX, the R.A. eXhange.


I was shocked, and in denial after the news has been spilled out to me.

I had psyched myself to staying longer in the project I am working now. I had enjoyed working harmoniously with my teammates. I have fun doing my job, though not stress free, but with much passion and delight.

And in three weeks time, all of these will be gone.*snif*

Load of Emotions Exposed.
I cried my heart out to a friend and I felt relieved.
I am crying cause I dont know what’s next. I dont know whats the plan. I fear the unknown.

Its okay to cry. But cry to let go, not to hold on.

I am being irrational again.

Irrational because?
Irrational because I am trying to question the switch of position, when in fact I know the answer.
Irrational because I am to trying to fathom the reason why it has to be now, not earlier or later?
Irrational because I am trying to dig deeper into the wisdom of gambling and taking great risks in this exchange of workload.

And what would the answer be?
That somehow, I might add a new blood to the team.

And bring about improvement, right? For what is the worth of a hero if he can’t help those who needs saving.
I am not a hero. That adds to the pressure. I welcome the change, yes. But to save the needy? Thats a team effort. Not the work of a single man.

What if you are part of the whole that will stir up the improvement? And that doubts just lessens the boost needed? Courage is not the opposite of fear, it is faith. So have Faith.
FAITH. Find Assurance in Trusting Him.

The words that I give out are the same words that I am giving myself.


After deep thoughts, I came to realize that change is inevitable. People come and go. And so do things that are given to us. So give your best shot always and while you do, enjoy doing it.

As for me, I’m bracing myself to explore an unknown territory.

May the Force be with me.*gulp*


  1. GRacE_GanDa

    hmmm…english eh…nose bleed heheheGod may have better plans for you in the next project that’s y were put there….i know u can do it and u can make it…hmmm….i know how it feels… actually were on the same position…

  2. Maurice Gil

    ei buddy… that just proves that the company relies on you very much. treasure it and prove them that you are worth every centavo.like i always tell you, just look at the brighter side. convert the pressure you feel into a positive energy. and i find this switch as a new venue for you to widen your horizon – gain new friends, discover new things, learn new strategies. at

  3. Anonymous

    i know it would be hard for u at first because ur used to work with people whom u enjoy being with…take it as a challenge!!! another new project means learning new things and dealing with a new team means gaining new friends…. be positive! u can do it…gud luckjane frances

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