Final Use Case.

As a Requirements Analyst, it is my responsibility to gather, elicit, analyze, document and validate the needs of the project stakeholders. As the principal conduit through which requirements flow between the client and the software development team, I play a central role in collecting and disseminating product information. This product information is usually presented in use cases.

I am writing this use case as my tribute to a team whom I have worked with for more or less 9 months. To the ATI team, thank you for the chance to work with you. I have been given an opportunity to grow. But please know that all the lessons I have learned through working with you shall serve as my guide in this new challenge I am going to take.

Use Case: UC-ME-OUT- Reminisce Experience
Description: Use case that describes Ed’s experience with ATI Team.
Business Rules:
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. ~Flavia Weedn, Forever
Actors: PM, RA, DEV, TEST, SM
Preconditions: ERI was bought by ATI. Team requests for an RA.
Trigger: RA Edgar joins ATI Project Team
Normal Flow:
  1. RA Ed joins Team.
  2. Team starts initiation and requirements phase with PM Maebel.
  3. ATI freezes Team activities.
  4. Team restarted SDLC activities with PM Rach.
  5. Team delivers build on Christmas Eve.
  6. ATI tests build drop.
  7. PM Raprap joins Team in New Year.
  9. ATI requests 3 changes to build drop.
  10. Team addresses change requests.
  11. PM Raprap and RA Ed joins I/F Team.
  12. Team works harmoniously and resolves 911 issues promptly.
  13. ATI gives new project, CAA.
  14. PM Raprap and RA Edgar works for the initiation and requirements phase of CAA.
  15. Management decides reshuffling.
  16. RA Edgar and RA JP performs transition work.
  17. RA JP joins Team.
Post Condition:RA Ed leaves ATI Team

Alternate Flow:

A missed requirement was seen. (From Normal Flow 5.)

  1. Team resolves issue with SM Angela, COO Badong and PM Claire.
  2. PM Rach is promoted as PD.
  3. Proceed to Normal Flow 6.
Alert Messages:
[M001] Thank you for the chance to work with you.
[M002] Thank you for the good times and bad times.
[M003] Thank you for the friendship.
Assumption and Limitation: This shall be the last use case written by RA Ed for the ATI team.
Note: RA Ed bids farewell with his usual opening greetings: “HAPPY DAY”.


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