My Young Blood Artik.

“What’s your hobby?”

My boss asked that question.

And I was caught off guard trying to answer it.

I finally answered, after minutes of thinking, that during my leisure time, I write anything and everything I can think of.

“Why?” was her next question.

These days, I rarely share my thoughts to friends personally. Work has been so demanding that I do not see them as often as before. Life has been playing tricks on me by isolating me from the people I find comfortable to be with.

And so, I contented myself by scribbling down my inner thoughts. Most of them aren’t published though.

This one article stands out. I gathered enough courage to click the button and send an email to the Philppine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood section.Read on. And do leave a comment. Thanks.

On my own –, Philippine News for Filipinos.


  1. Jane Frances Rico

    nice article!!!!! hope u continue writing, congratulations…hhhhmmmmm….regarding the article since u said that u already know the answer to your uncle's question and u know what to do next sna gwin mu na nga noh, para happy k at di ngeemote (joke):-) jane

  2. Cheena Pagkaliwangan

    again a very impressive article! :)Dont worry! you'll find your purpose soon enough! Just enjoy everything! – cheena

  3. Anonymous

    It is nice to be single but it is also good to have someone to take care of you so as long as there are people who are doing that status will not be important.You have a great family and good friends. Never be afraid to be alone because you never are.- PAt

  4. Tet Mendoza

    read your long long post in the inquirer…touching….26 is the time for realization?..hehehe…di kasi kasali analytical thinking kc mathematical problems to solve is real life…is there? – Tet M.

  5. Anonymous

    Na basa ko na kaninang umaga. OK! Dati pang problema yan ah! At ngayong nahanap mo na ang kasagutan. Sana nga'y maging ok kna.(Mahirap mag-isa. Magkaiba ang kapamilya, kamag-anak o kaibigan.) Kung gusto mo pang maging single? Sige go lang enjoy. – Manong

  6. Eman Amaca

    Great article! Indeed!But Sir Ed, I didn't found God in it. I do not mean anything bad with my statement. But I guess more than anyone else in this world,you must establish a good relationship with him. Of course, I am not mandating you to do so immediately or that I am presenting myself as a cleanly living Christian. It is just a suggestion from someone who had also thought the same

  7. Pearl Suganob

    Hi Edgar – I had time last independence day to catch up on my reading and i happened to read back copies of the inquirer for that week… buti na lang… kc nabasa ko ung youngblood article mo… nice… "now you know what to do…" , makikibalita ako jan… hehe… pressure ba? – Ms. Pearl

  8. Anonymous

    ang galing nyo talaga!hmn, sana madami pa ikaw maisulat na articles…PS: gawin nyo na yung naisip nyo na gagawin para mangyari na di ba?

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