Kismet’s Year.

Only You’s Jonathan is letting go of his feelings for Jillian. Tayong Dalawa’s Dave is giving Audrey her freedom. SNN’s presentation is all about Cory.

I just realized that all of these were goodbyes and letting go moments. Much like what I shall be doing today.

It is exactly one year since the first time I showed interest in you. You made me the happiest when you let me walk you home after our sumptuous dinner.

Four quarters have passed since the first time I adjusted my lifestyle to include you. Twelve months of toil and sacrifice to follow your whims have gone by. Seeing you smile makes it all worth it. Fifty-two weeks of silently wishing you reciprocate how I feel. My heart beats faster when you look at me, only to realize that you do not perceive me that way I see you. Three hundred and sixty five days have passed of being with you and waiting for you.

And I think I am holding long enough.

I hope that I would wake up one day and my first thoughts will not be of you anymore. I look forward to seeing you in the eye again, but this time, I will see nothing but friendship. I wish to meet you someday and realize that my fondness and affection already withered through time.

Years from now, I will walk down memory lane and reminisce. I will just content myself by the fact that I met you, I cherished you, and I loved you.

I thought I have found my Kismet… but Kismet didn’t find me.

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