Blissful Pit Stops.

Just this February, I traveled north and south to search something I have lost, five years ago.

Galera Getaway.
First stop was Puerto Galera. I was trying to find the Happiness I haven’t had in a while. I went swimming and snorkeling, trying to find that feeling I longed for through the fishes and corals that I saw under the sea.

I tried volleyball and zips (poi) while I sipped different concoction of wines just to get a taste of what I missed in the years I hibernated from the world.

All along, I thought I found Happiness. But when I took photos on the beach or on the boat, and even when I was capturing the luminance of the blue moon setting on the west sky, I realized Happiness wasn’t there.

Conquering Clark.
Next pit stop was when I travelled north to Clark Field, Pampanga.
I toyed with the idea to find Gladness in the balloons and everything that flies in that festival. But as I look up and see how high the skydivers had to dive for a beautiful exhibition, I realized Gladness was with me when I fell for you way back then.
Baguio Break.
I went further north for my third pitstop: Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival. I was hoping that the Joy I am looking for might be on the flowers blooming in the city of pines.
I delighted myself with the strawberry taho at the Strawberry Farm. I took photos at the Bell Church with Buddha and the high towers. I even went to the Pink Sisters Convent and the Baguio City Church.
I got the chance to visit PMA’s Fort Del Pilar, The Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay, and The Mansion.
But when I reviewed the photos I have taken, I didn’t see the Joy I am looking for.
Homeward Bound.
Each time I travel and try to find the missing piece of me, the more I realize that Happiness is with me when I am with you.
As I take photos from my camera, Gladness envelopes me when I think of you smiling and posing on the camera frame.
On my way back, when I think of you, I think of Home, the haven of my Joy.

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  1. Anonymous

    hays……bakit kasi hindi ko ginwa din yan…balak ko din yan nun e.searching..hehekaya lang malas ang searching ko kasi PARSE SEARCH…:-( –JM

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