Month: May 2010

The Best.

I always wanted to be the best.¬†As you walked down the aisle, where I was waiting, every step you make closer to the altar reminded me of how our friendship blossomed. Years ago, when I was still nursing a broken heart and crying my heart out to you, you would always tell me that I […]


The Dagger.

I love you. Ed, I have something to tell you: I gave that word to another person already. I can’t get it back. No problem. I didn’t ask that you give those to me. You should give it freely to whoever you feel like giving it to. Exactly. I wish you happiness. Thanks for the […]



“We have safely arrived at Changi Airport. Enjoy your stay!” That was the pilot announcing the plane’s arrival. It was raining outside. I looked at my ticket and passport at hand: FLIGHT 5J 803 Thursday, June 10, 2010 Boarding Time: 7:30 PM I was half-hearted to stand and alight from the plane for reasons incomprehensible. […]