“We have safely arrived at Changi Airport. Enjoy your stay!”
That was the pilot announcing the plane’s arrival. It was raining outside. I looked at my ticket and passport at hand:

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Boarding Time: 7:30 PM

I was half-hearted to stand and alight from the plane for reasons incomprehensible. But I dragged myself down while trying to recall the last time we saw each other.

In no time, I saw you at the arrival area, waving your hand. Your eyes were filled with excitement as you flash that smile which made me fall for you since time immemorial. And just like the picture I have painted on my mind, we met halfway. We came rushing towards each other, your eyes meeting mine. Never caring about the other people in the arrival area, I touched your face and was about to give you that kiss I longed to plant on your lips. But you, you opted for a big hug, a tight one lasting for more than a minute.

And while we were not letting go of each other, I was trying to discern the reason I came here:

It was when you left me that I realized that in my pursuit for happiness, it was in you I am thinking of; that in my deepest moments, it was your company I am missing; that every time I search for someone to be there for me, it was you I was longing for.

I find it odd that as I let go of that hug and finally have a close glimpse at your eyes, it dawned on me that my reasons and my feelings aren’t the same anymore as before. I gave you another tight hug just to be sure, and glanced at my return ticket:

Monday, June 13, 2010
Boarding Time: 11:10 PM

“Excuse me sir, it is time to alight from the plane. Our plane has safely landed.”
It was the flight attendant tapping my shoulder that woke me up. I looked outside and it was raining.
“It was just a dream,” I said, and I sighed for relief.
I hurried down the plane and looked for you in the arrival area. I saw you, flashing that sweet smile that made me fall for you. You were waving your hand. I pinched myself just to make sure I am really awake. I took a deep breath and told myself,
“It’s the real thing this time.”



One Comment

  1. Patrick Lim

    But what if in your return the smile that was meant for longing and missing was just for the relief of seeing you. What if it can be the two of you but because of time it turned to could have been.Why do you need to wait for your return when you could have been together in that flight and instead of the flight attendant it is here smile and caress that would wake you you?Dreams are

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