The Dagger.

I love you.

Ed, I have something to tell you: I gave that word to another person already. I can’t get it back.
No problem. I didn’t ask that you give those to me. You should give it freely to whoever you feel like giving it to.
Exactly. I wish you happiness. Thanks for the love though.
I gave it freely to you. No need to thank me.
Sincerely, thank you. I can feel the love.
I hope you find the happiness you were looking for.
You, too. I did already find happiness but not with you.
Thank you for being frank. I appreciate the honesty.
Life is short. Enjoy life. Open your heart to someone else.
I will, hopefully really soon.
I hope so, were getting old remember that.
I do.
Learn from your mistakes, from the past relationships, from me.
Thank you for telling me this early. I plan to go to you, next year. At least now, I can revert back that plan and start my life without you.
-ed’s note: I called to personally greet you for our second monthsary. It was supposed to be a happy call, much like our early Sunday Skype calls. But as I hear your voice on the line telling me the words I didn’t want to hear from you, the pain pierced through me like a double-edged dagger killing me instantly.


  1. Edgarbelee

    May 9, 2010 1:29 AM Anonymous said…at least you learned about it that soon. ed, i feel for you. mine is much much more painful…- sir v=====ed's note: Thanks sir. I hope and pray I will get through this really soon. Please pray for me.

  2. Edgarbelee

    May 9, 2010 4:54 AM Anonymous said…napakalalim mo pala magmahal… maswerte ang babaeng mamahalin mo habang buhay…=====ed's note: sadly, hindi niya narealize yan.

  3. Anonymous

    at least naging honest xa sau unlike what happened to me up to the last minute sinabi nya na mahal nya ko pero need naming maghiwalay then i found out may iba na palang taong involved.

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