The Best.

I always wanted to be the best. As you walked down the aisle, where I was waiting, every step you make closer to the altar reminded me of how our friendship blossomed.
Years ago, when I was still nursing a broken heart and crying my heart out to you, you would always tell me that I deserve something bigger, greater, and grander. You told me that I should not content myself with the “second best” because there is always somebody more powerful, more talented more intelligent or more skillful that would come my way.
As you approach closer to me in the altar wearing your beautiful wedding dress, I was reminded of the times when we still burn phone lines until wee hours in the morning talking just about anything. I always loved to picture out how your eyes brighten when you tell me how you wanted to fulfill your dreams by giving your all.
As you took that final step towards the altar, where I was standing, I remembered the weekends we spent together strolling in the park, window shopping in malls, and road trip to new places where we have never been. You helped me get through that breakup and always encouraged me to give the best shot in everything I do, so that in the end I will have no ‘what if’ and ‘it could have been’.
Tears started to form in my eyes as your eyes meet mine. A blast of emotions came rushing through me, all because of one thing: you met my best friend.
I always wanted to be the best but for one — being the best man on your wedding day.


-ed’s note: I just realized that the best man is not really the best. For if he is, then he will be the bride’s groom.

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