Day 5. Dinner and Breakfast.

It’s our first dinner together after more than year.  Nothing has changed, except that we are a year older and the few inches added on our waists. You were still the chicken-lover I have known 2 years ago when we had our first meal together at Jollibee, enjoying Jolly spaghetti, Chickenjoy plus extra rice. 

As we get along that 3-hour dinner, I can’t help but see the sparkle and joy in your eyes. That contagious laugh and that killer smile still send electrifying waves to me.

I thought I was over you, but some deeply repressed feelings are resurfacing now. Are you willing to give it another try? 🙂


I usually start my day with a brewed coffee, some bread or a breakfast meal. But what I always look forward to is spending that breakfast with you.  

You’re hilarious laugh on my stories, your objective comments on my whims and caprices and your light-mood approach on my angsts and ill-feelings usually clears my clouded mind, just enough to keep my cool for the day.

I still have brewed coffee, some bread or a breakfast meal but this time without  you. 😦

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