Day 16. Abort and Continue.

I aborted the plan. What’s the use of continuing it anyway? 

I came to the event and joined you not because I am interested with the activity but because I wanted to be with you and spend more time with you. Can’t you see that? 

Just this morning, I learned that I now have a shorter period to create beautiful memories with you. And I still haven’t told you how much you mean to me.

How can I tell you when I can’t even have a good chance of being with you? 


The unexpected happened. But we continued with the plan.

We acknowledged it would be different, but still we moved forward and pursued the event. It would be much happier and much livelier seeing you laugh at situations if only we’re all here. But all you have right now is me. And you are doing a good job bluffing that you are glad.

I wish to be the reason for your happiness. I wish to be the reason for the spark in your eyes and the beam of your smile.   And I wish to hear you tell me how much I mean to you.

That’s all I can do… wish. 

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