Still Life.

“I am not comfortable with you capturing moments of me.”

It didn’t interest me to know the technicalities before, but as I was going through each Saturday attending photography workshop, I came to realize the following why people take pictures:

  • Because 24 still words per second can never create the magic of 24 frames per second.
  • Because a thousand words need to be written.
  • Because life can only be picture-perfect, never word-perfect.
  • Because “say cheese” or “smile please” gives us hope that not all is lost in this big, bad world.
  • Because we need posters on our walls to tell people who we are.
  • Because walls are white, ugly and need some life.
  • Because life is a picture taken by a camera called time. And it has a very quick shutter.
  • Because this post might never have been needed if there were pictures in the first place.
  • And lastly, because I don’t trust my memory.

I wanted to capture perspectives and moments that I might miss or forget when I grow older. I take candid shots because it records the gamut of feelings written on your face. By simply capturing you, it will help me come back to that moment when I felt such emotions and feelings that you alone can make me feel.

After learning the basics, I am now ready to capture your moments in time because I know once a moment passes, it’s gone forever. Your photos shall serve as portals of my time machine.

I learned the art of capturing good shots of you, but what I didn’t realize is that you don’t want to be captured in a frame in the first place.


ed’s note:

I am fighting against Time by freezing our moments together. I can only do that by capturing you and me in a frame.

One Comment

  1. bing

    wowwwww!!!! oh my!!, seems I got into another world, a world of poetry!!! there's another job witing for you, egay! now i am discovering a completely new facet of you, that of a dreamer, somehow lost in the hustle and bustle of the real and crazy world of creatures known as people,somehow, I can feel your intense desire to keep all memories of you with your loved ones as close to you as

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