Day 30. May I Know Everything?

The question that came as an avalanche.

Friends and followers of my posts kept wondering what the ironic terms are for in my tumblogs. And I think I owe them an explanation. 

Starting Day 1 and up to now, I am trying to chronicle the days that I will be cherishing the most for the rest of my life… that is, spending time with you.

You always make me feel a roller coaster of emotions when I am with you. It takes days waiting for a chance to spend how many minutes with you.  You make me happy when I meet you, yet you make me sad when we depart.  You try to ignore the things that I feel, yet I always notice you create chances for me to show it.

I will scribble down every emotion you make me feel. This way, when I grow old and forget things, I will have something to go back into and reminisce—that once in my life I loved, and that its the best feeling in the world.

Thank you for letting me love you… even from a distance. 

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