Day 34. Difference.

If there is one thing I would like to leave, that would be the difference I made in your life. 

So many times I tried to burst that bubble of silence,  to break the ice of coldness and to bring down the wall of awkwardness. And most of that many times, I don’t get the result favorable to mine.

As I see it, I will never ever be that person I wanted to be in your life. I am opening opportunities, I am creating chances, I am making possibilities. But most were put into waste, most were just shut, most were never entertained.

Now that it becomes more vivid and clear to me, that  I am no different from the people around you, it would be easier for me to fade away… 

With the little things I made for you, with the simple ways I tried to convey how I feel, with the small deeds I made to let you know how much you mean to me… I wanted to let you know I did it all to make a difference.

But sadly, they never were.

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