Day 37. NR.

I tried doing what you always do to me.

  1. Do not send that first text to let you know I am worried.
  2. Do not care to know how have was your day and how you  been.
  3. Do not post any status that will update you of what’s up with me.
  4. Do not show any reactions or emotions, when you hear my name.
  5. Do not entertain the slightest idea of ‘us’ or ‘we’ in any way.

I was successful in the #1 and #2.  But its a challenge accomplishing the rest. 

  • this is Nothing Really. 
  • just Numbered Reflection.
  • some Notes Realized.
  • still No Response.
  • I am Neglected, Rejected.
  • that’s Natural Reaction.
  • this is New Reality.
  • I am Needing Recovery.

Do you have to go through this struggle, too?

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