Day 39. Prayer.

I never thought a prayer would melt my heart away.

Watching Sa ‘Yo Lamang made me realize that no matter what mistakes you made in life, be it a major major one or not, as long as there are people who are there for you no matter what, Life is still worth living.

When Amanda’s children, especially Dianne, started praying the Apostle’s Creed, hugging their mother who is chilling already, these aqueous solution  started forming in my eyes. 

The prayer made me reflect on how much do I believe in Him. And I burst into tears realizing how much trust I had for Him.

And then the song plays in the background…

Kung Ika’y mapasa’kin, lahat na nga ay kakamtin…

Sa ‘Yo lamang ang puso ko; 

Sa ‘Yo lamang ang buhay ko.

Kalinisan, pagdaralita, pagtalima, aking sumpa. 

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