Day 41. Hands.

HANDS Have Another Noble Day Started.

It has been 3 months since I was handed to manage a team. As such, it is now in my hands how my team will accomplish the tasks in order to complete our project. It’s not easy, but I know it is not impossible.  I have people believing in what I can do, and that alone keeps me going. 

HANDSHave A Note Daily Scribbled.

I find my solace in writing down whatever thoughts I have. As I had always reasoned out, I do not trust my memory. And that whatever I write now, there will come a time that I shall go back to each of these tumblogs to remind me of the days when I felt different emotions each day. 

HANDS Honed A New, Different Skill.

What I didn’t realize is that, I also have these hands, not just to manage people or scribble these daily notes for you to read, but I was also given these hands along with the gift of touch and healing. 

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