Day 43. Fly.

If there is something peculiar today, that is seeing a thing flying without wings.

I usually dine with office-friends in the conference room where we share stories and laughters over lunch while enjoying the landing and take off of airplanes against the cityscape. 

I didn’t see the usual this lunch. But I got to see a piece of paper (formed like a flower floating in mid air for 5-ish minutes with the wind sustaining its height (of about 20 floors above the ground) while roaming around the vicinity. 

And then a fitting song was sung by a friend, 

“…and when you know how much that means

you’ve found that special thing

you’re flying without wings…”

That piece of paper eventually was caught in the midst of the trees near the Ayala Triangle, but the moments it is in flight, we were all awed.

I may not be the controller that people wanted me to become, but that piece of paper made me think that such a light weight object  showed how going with the flow and eventually giving in to gravity can still have an impact on people. 

I hope to finally find that special thing worth flying without wings for…

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