Day 50. Shocked.

I took time to read a 61-page article today on a secret society called Illuminati. And it’s a total shocker.

I need to suspend judgment while going through the pages of the article as it brings into question all the things I believed in right from the start—from Genesis to Revelation.

While reading through the paragraphs, it answers every question I have in mind that has never got any sufficient answer before. I like the way how all things were put into a proper perspective in the article.

I am starting to wonder if this is a work of a very creative mind, because it turn things upside down. Imagine believing a truth presented to you in its distorted state. You believed it all along, and suddenly, here is a document presenting an explanation of everything in a brief 61-page article. 

I haven’t finish reading it yet, but it is sending me one message: Find the Truth within your heart and when you do, hold on to it, focus on it and never let go. 

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