Day 53. Talk.

It was late in the afternoon when I found myself in TriNoMa.

No, I didn’t went there shopping. I went there to find myself—who has been lost for some time now. 

I have been through rough times lately. The jagged edge of the world has been so cruel to me that I tend to react the same way to things and people surrounding me. 

When things do not go as planned, I fail to comprehend that after all the preparations done, the expectation is not met.

When people do not reciprocate my efforts, I have a hard time understanding that acts of kindness and love gets unrequited. 

That 3-hour-talk changed something in me. I realized that in searching the one for me, I will experience events and meet people that will teach me things I ought to know in this life time. So that when I finally meet the one destined for me, I would be equipped with the necessary things I need so we can traverse Life together. 

For all the people that I loved so dearly yet still hurt me in one way or another, for all the persons I considered significant yet considered me nothing, for all the ones I long to be with but didn’t consider any space in their hearts for me, my deepest gratitudes for coming into my life.

I wouldn’t be what I am now, if not for all of you who made a difference in my life.

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