Day 54. If Only.

This is about the movie and not of anything else that I wish could have been done by me or to me. (I had so many ‘If only’s’ and ‘What if’s’ in my life that I think I have been writing about them since I learned how to blog.)

It took me a day to download the movie, which by the way just played for like one and a half hour. But it was worth it. 

The movie is a story of Ian who was given a second chance to live another day of his life..He knew that all things bound to happen (with him and his girlfriend Samantha) shall still happen, and he decided to simply seize the day and make the most out of it. In the end, instead of his girlfriend, it was he who died. 

And the movie really made me cry.

After the ‘Talk’ yesterday, this movie simply reinforced in me that I should seize the moment and give my all because we do not know when will be our time.

..and that’s exactly what I will be doing from now on. 

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