Day 57. Tribute.

The job of a project manager is never an easy one. A PM needs to balance both the internal team and the client. They cannot say yes to all the whims of the internal team to the detriment of the client. They also cannot say yes to all the whims of the client to the detriment of the team. And at the end of they day, it’s still their arses that are on the line when foul-ups happen.

So tonight, I would like to honor our 3 project managers. The three of them are alike in that they are also different. And it is in those differences that each of them shine in their own ways.

The first project manager I would like to recognize never fails to give everything meaning. In short, lahat ginagawan ng acronym. So tonight, I guess it’s my turn to return that favor.

He was able to ENHANCE his skills and imbibe DISCIPLINE in himself and in his team.  As a so-called newbie in the field of Project Management, he was able to swim through the challenges that came his way and do his best to shield his team from anything that will impact their work. He has shown maturity in dealing with difficult situations and clients. Kaya para sa akin, you are an:

Effective, and Disciplined, Gentleman, Achieving Readiness in your new Career.

Thank you and Congratulations, Edgar!


Here is the script/verbatim words my Director said on her tribute for all of us on our company’s anniversary. Kind words really makes a difference.   

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