Buddy Run.

The gunshot was fired and the runners entered the race track. You and I were side by side in the starting line ready for the 3K race.
As soon as we step inside the race track, we started running as what we usually do during our practice sprints around Ayala Triangle. But unlike what we routinely do, this time I was not at the same pace and stamina as you were.
‘Go ahead! I will just catch up with you’ I said.
I was hesitant to join this race, but you were so persistent that I finally gave in. I know I cannot match your speed and strength, but you always boost my spirits up to continue and match you.
I told myself that I am running, not for the medal I can get, nor any recognition for that matter. I just wanted to run, because you will be there running with me—much like how I wanted to live my life–with you in it through ups and downs.
But as I watch you go running towards the end of the racetrack and as much as I wish to take your hand as we cross the finish line, I realized this is after all a race.
This is not the journey through Life, that I wish to traverse with you through the highs and lows. I, then silently hoped and prayed I could just finish this race to see you smiling and waiting for me at the 3K point.
After all, I started a race that I have to finish on my own.

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