Day 101. Tracked.


My current location.


My close friend and I were chatting, when he asked me to try a new phone app. 

JIM: I think okay sa iyo yung FourSquare app. Kahit san ka magpunta, you can check in and be tracked.

ME: Why?

JIM: You can even check in on Sassy House.

ME: Mate-trace na kung san ako nagpupupunta, when I use this app. Lagot ako nito, gala pa man din ako.

JIM: Yeap,  but I’m doing this on purpose.

ME: (Puzzled) For whom?

JIM: Sa kung sino man nagke-care sa akin, so they know where I am.


I am still trying the App and am getting my way through it. To whosoever care where I am, you will now know my whereabouts.

Just don’t try to kidnap me, nobody will be there to save me. LOL. 

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