Day 102. Robbed.


When he was about to alight the bus at Ayala Avenue, the man seated beside him suddenly stooped and held his foot firmly and then twisted it.

“Ouch!” he said. But the man did not flinch. 

And while most people rush to alight from the bus, a group of men surrounded him and tried to open his bag. He fought back by trying to kick the man and punch the guys surrounding him. He was able to get hold of his bag firmly. But after seconds of struggle, his iPod was taken away.

Nobody dared to help him, not even the bus conductor.


Bus’ safety hand rails and handles.


I am pissed that some people resort to hurting others to simply get things from them. But I am much angered of the people who are passive about the crime, just because of their fear that these bad guys will get back at them.

I hope we realize that tolerating such people and act will not stop them from committing the same crime.  Will we wait that somebody we love will be hurt before we do something?

If we do not defy them, who will? 

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