Day 104. Pep Talk.


ME: Hi ma’am! Good Morning! (in a chirpy tone coupled with a big smile)

HER: Hi sir! (in an equally high-pitched jolly tone) 


Ma’am Cheena and me in Baguio’s Burnham Park.


That’s our usual morning starter.

I had my reasons for coming to work early and you had yours. 

But as the day passes, that single-liner greeting became a morning pep talk. We even share whatever we’ve got from home for breakfast while discussing just about anything—our rants about Life, funny stories we encountered, dreams we wanted to pursue among others.

And while I know I will surely miss our pep talk, I am aware I only got a few days left to enjoy it. 

So for the coming days, I will still be early at work as usual because I know you will be there as well, for our usual morning pep talk.

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