Day 113. E.N.D.


Early today, my co-employees and I went to Buena Vista in Taal View Heights for the last leg of our Team building trilogy. I got the chance to say a piece of my thoughts to the Team: 

I know we are nearing the END—the closing, the last part, the finale. 

And yet here we are, building and reinforcing a team, that may soon be disbanded eventually.  

Now that we have reached this point, where we all have the confidence and trust in each other, where an ideal and exceptional team has been geared towards working together as one, it would be harder to let go, and move on.

We may not defer further the closing, the last part and the finale of this chapter of our career life, but I hope we will still carry in us whatever we learned from this team building and let it END (Energy Never Die) in us. 

I was teary-eyed when I finished my short say of the event, yet I am glad because I realized I played a significant part in this team that was honed and molded to what it is now.


Some of my teammates posing for posterity.

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