Day 114. Reconnect.


I had changed my settings on FB to NOT display that today is my birthday. 

So I had expected that no one will ever notice that this day, 28 years ago, is the time when I was born.

But I was wrong. 

Here are some notable things:

  • 56 friends greeted me on FB starting 12MN Nov. 27 
  • 18 friends remembered me, and sent me a text message.
  • 2 friends to whom I drifted apart for a while, greeted me   
  • I gained a new friend on foursquare.
  • My office peers greeted me with the longest ‘happy birthday’ greeting.
  • Vince (beansquezada) asked his tumblr friends to greet me.
  • Mom and dad welcomed me home with pancit bihon for merienda.

You made my 28th on the 27th such a memorable day!

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