Crazy Things I Did, All for Love.

  • Grabbed the chance to save money, by making M’s brother (who happened to be my classmate) the courier in my correspondences with M.
  • I bought a gift for on our first monthsaryThe gift (a figurine) was named after me. She treated Ed Jr as our son. (He is now 10 years old!)
  • Broke up with M, because I chose to be a good son than a good boyfriend. (I followed my parent’s advice to finish studies first. )
  • Stunned by V’s personality, I planned to court her. But later retracted after knowing my friend is also smitten by her beauty. He later became my best friend. And V? She got married eventually to another man.
  • Tried to jump off the Ayala Bridge when I found out I am just a ‘reserve’ boyfriend for C.
  • Met X when I tried to jump off the bridge.


  • Broke up for apparently no reason, so X will leave and pursue a promising career offshore.
  • I didn’t court anybody for years since then.
  • When I finally decided to move on, I made personalized Sunday reflection messages (for almost 3 months) that contains JZ’s name as acronym. (The name has the letters J and Z in it, making it harder for me to make an acronym every week)
  • Sported a semi-bald hairstyle when I learned JZ has a boyfriend all the while I am doing this.
  • Asked all my contacts to anonymously greet Y  a happy birthday, but this angered Y who missed all the greetings coming from the ‘real’ friends.
  • Learned Photoshop through online tutorials so I can edit the pictures of Z, and publish it daily for a rating of 1 – 10. I only got 9 as the highest, though.
  • Scribbled all thoughts that comes to mind about love unrequited, efforts unappreciated, and time wasted whenever fangs of depression eats me—thus this blog.  🙂

One Comment

  1. dhey

    asan na sina A, B, XY??dami pa letters ed, kumpletuhin mo na.tapos nun.. may numeric pa..kpag di ka pa nasiyahan.. samahan mo na ng special chars. 😛

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