Day 115. Carol.


While spending the whole day in front of HACHI (the name I gave my maroon ASUS netbook), I lazily put Christmas songs on my playlist. 

As the playlist shuffled through its queued items, I got my siblings humming with me the songs we used to sing during Christmas on our younger years.

And while we recall the lyrics of these songs we used to sing, I had all this in my mind:

  • I was reminded of our night caroling with our friends from Church during my high school years. 
  • I used to wake up at 4am to complete that Simbang Gabi hoping that my wishes and prayers will come true.
  • I always volunteered to make that macaroni salad for Noche Buena and Media Noche.
  • We do not have firecrackers during the holidays since I was 12, because I almost got myself injured lighting one.
  • We always make sure we are all up by 12MN to ring that big bell that my Lolo traditionally do when the old year gives way to the new year


This Christmas, I will be Home to simply be with what matters the most—my Family.


My  entry for our Office’s Personalized Christmas Decor Contest— it’s Superman Christmas. ^^,  

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