Day 116. Duty.


I admire the nurses who do their duties in a shifting schedule.

You are asked to report to work for the graveyard shift, only to realize you need to extend until the day shift as a reliever.

Or sometimes, you are allowed to go home and get some sleep to again report the same day.

Double shift, as they call it, and yet they do not get OT pay for it.


A miniature nurse’s cap.

Such is the plight of my sister, a volunteer nurse in a private hospital in our town.

I have nothing against volunteerism, nor the shift schedules. I just hope the resource manager realizes these volunteers need enough rest to sustain their enthusiasm in what they do.

And my sister? She was asleep when my brother and I departed from Home.

Oh well, we could always chat, text or call each other anyway. 🙂

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