Day 122. Found.


Fitting the suits.


My goals for today:

  1. Find a suit that will best fit me.
  2. That suit should cost me something within my budget.

Armed with lead info from colleagues, I met with my office friends and off we went roaming around Manila:

  • 1st stop – Gardini Shop in Tayuman
  • 2nd stop – Gardini Shop in Espana
  • 3rd stop – Tutuban Mall
  • 4th stop – Ilaya Street 
  • 5th stop – 168 Mall 
  • 6th stop – Tutuban Mall (again)
  • 7th stop – SM Manila

We started 10AM and called it a day by 8PM.

Yes, I am dead tired. But I enjoyed the itinerary that I didn’t notice we spent 10 hours walking, fitting, laughing, eating, roaming around and simply enjoyed each others company.

What’s more good news? We all found the items we wanted for Friday’s event plus more.  

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