Day 123. Convoluted.


So Tumblr was down for more than a day and it left me in a daze.

This micro-blogging site has been the home of my thoughts for the past 123 days, and here it is now inaccessible. What shall happen to my daily journal retelling the story of my Life for the past 4 months?

Concurrently, issues here and there from work has been raised like mushroom growing everywhere during the rainy times.

But when I accessed tumblr just today, I got my account running okay. There are still this ‘Just a minute’ notices every now and then, but hey, I shouldn’t have worried much because I got my account back online.

So I should do the same with the items I have in my work plate—even if my mind is twisted like hell for all the issues, I believe something good shall happen. 


Always look at the glass half full, instead of half-empty. Life is meant to be lived positively.


My tumblr dashboard as of Dec 12th.

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