Day 124. Coffee Confession.


Mocha and me.


I was sipping this cup of mocha when I was suddenly asked this question:

“How are you and (name withheld)? I noticed that you two are somehow not okay …”

I brought my coffee mug down, inhaled a deep breath and started to tell my side of the story.

I didn’t know if I got whole story conveyed and understood clearly, but I somehow felt relieved by simply airing my thoughts.

I then realized I had been writing what I feel, see, hear, taste, and touch the past quarter.

I had been scribbling thoughts as I come to understand things for the last 4 months.

But I am seldom relieved and comforted after getting these thoughts written in those 124 days of tumblr logs.

And on those seldom moments, I am thankful a friend or two is there to lift my spirits up—much like what happened today.

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