Day 134. Walk.


I decided to have a walk before going home. I chose that pathway where I wished  we could be friends or more.

The difference then and now?

  • THEN: I was with you trying to make a good impression, cracking jokes every now and then.
  • NOW: I am alone reminiscing every smile and laugh we shared on that first walk. 
  • THEN: Sept 2008, the only beaming light was coming from the sparkle in your eyes

  • NOW: Dec 2010, too many sparkling lights around, but nothing can compare to the glow of your eyes then.
  • THEN: I was wishing to win your heart and be a significant person to you.
  • NOW: I am praying that I at least made an impact as a person to you.

I may not have gotten what I wanted us to be, but I am glad we have something worth remembering and reminiscing. 

And when the time comes that I shall write our story, it will always begin and end with that Walk…

PS. Thank you for the memories. Someday, I will have the courage to write everything about you… and how you made me the happiest. 

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