Day 135. Project Team.


The project I am managing is nearing its closure, and so does the team I am leading. 

It has been more than 5 months now that these guys sticked with me through the ups and downs of the systems development life cycle— and I am proud of what we all have accomplished.

I am not perfect, and I have my flaws. But the good thing is, we have formed a cohesive team ready to support one another and never let a mistake or failure in one aspect bring the whole team down.

As we close the project, I would like to dedicate this tumble log to you.

Sir Seps, Fred, Mark, R-jay, Kuya Per, Sid and JM—I will always be proud I have worked with you all. Thank you for all the learning experiences, and more so, for the friendship.

We only got a few days left in the project pipeline, but I know the formed bond won’t end when this project closes. 


My project team mates.

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