Day 137. Sign.


This is what I usually see when I take my coffee break with best friend on the pantry. But that was 10 or so months ago.

I seldom visit the place since 5 months ago, as it always remind me of the dreams we used to aspire for.

I never dared to ask what are these stripes of yellow and black stand for. But when I got the courage to enjoy this view while I sip my coffee for the last time on this area, it dawned on me that these object markers are “used to mark objects that intrude into the roadway.” (

When I googled it, this “yellow and black alternating stripes may be used for marking surface areas to show obstacles or dangerous locations” (

Much like the choppers that look for such signs from above when they are about to land, I pray that as I continue the journey I am travelling now, He will show signs such as these, so I can prepare myself for “obstacles”  or “dangerous locations” that might come my way in the future. 


The view of the rooftop of Lepanto Building from the 21F Equitable Bank Tower

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