Day 143. Forgotten.


It is peculiar getting that call today, from someone I used to know way back 5 years ago. We had something “worth keeping” back then but we drifted apart.

I need a friend… I am paranoid now” was the first words that came out. 

As I listen to their story being retold while on FaceTime: the usual highs and lows of a relationship, I was stupefied when suddenly:

“How have you been, Ed?”

And then there was silence.

“I read your blogs, and this is what I tell you: You are worth keeping, Ed. Trust me when I say that someone out there is really for you. Give it Time.” 

And then that APO song came in the background, making me teary-eyed as I hang the phone. 

Hindi mo malimutan kung kailan nagsimulang

Matuto kung papa’no magmahal

At ‘di mo malimutan kung kailan mo natikman

Ang una mong halik, yakap na napakahigpit

Pag-ibig na tunay hanggang langit

But I know better now: I had captured every moment worth remembering and the people worth keeping. 

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