No, these are not the people that belongs to India’s caste system. These are not the people who are required to perform tasks that are considered so impure.

I have my own set of untouchables.

These are the people I always talk to. These are the friends to whom I share my thoughts and dreams. These are the persons that I show concern and love.

Yet I cannot even hold their hands during the moments that it is mostly needed. Nor give them a tap on the back during times that a push is needed. Nor hug them tightly because words do not suffice.


Because I only see these people online and I can only be with them on cyberspace. Aside from LOL, ROFL, WB, TC, XOXO and the expressive smileys, I have nothing but archived messages and status updates showing how much I care and how it was reciprocated —it may be written using my cold keypads  but I am hoping it reaches them with warm feelings. 

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