Meet #SuperEd. 

I was hoping to buy this toy online when I first got here, but unfortunately my card exceeded the limit.

And so for the past two weeks, I got on with my routine –hotel, work, hotel. 

Just today, from a hectic day at work, adding that gloomy weather of “Fall-going-to-Winter”, when all the leaves have fallen and the temperature gets colder each passing day, it is surprising to know that I got a package waiting for me at the front desk. 

I got the bulky package, and its from @jayronan. (

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to  spend the weekend on the eve of Halloween at NYC , but  I was not able to because of the early snow. The plane I was in re-routed to Detroit instead of NYC, and I missed the chance to see IG friends @jayronan, @m3nchu, @hawttamale,  @knightrn, @divamom, @eks05 and @ka_tiu.

As I reached my hotel room, I slowly unpacked the box.  I had goosebumps when I saw what is in the package.  I was already teary-eyed as I brought out #SuperEd–the toy I dreamt of buying which is now right in front of me. 

Truly, God has His ways of making things possible. We may not be able to comprehend His ways and means, but I can attest that He provides us the things we need, in His proper time. 
Thanks much for making this happiest day yet in my stay here in the US @jayronan.

God bless! 

ed’s Note:

Truly, God has an awesome sense of humor. He didn’t give me the toy I was wishing to have, instead He provided me with a friend. 
And that friend, surprised me with this toy.

One Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Ser Ed, Im here reading your blog! @dangkidoo. That's so sweet of @jayronan!! Next time you come to the States, route to Bush Intercontinental airport in Houston Texas! Im just 30 minutes away from it! =)

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