Month: January 2012

Fight for Love.

We started the Chinese new year with a bang–the “bang” that I wasn’t expecting.Your words, triggered the fountain, not of fireworks, but of fired words I have thrown back at you.Our deafening silence after that argument seemed so much louder than any firecrackers ever ignited.I realized we let miscommunication and misunderstanding overtake a happy and […]


Square One.

The last time I saw that smile of yours was 3 years ago.  But things changed since then.  All because I fell for you.  It wasn’t love at first sight. But it hit me so deep, I always looked forward to every connivance the universe did for us to meet, work together, laugh together,  anything […]



It’s been a while since I last scribbled down my thoughts on things. Since the time I reacquainted myself to capturing moments and freezing time, I seldom use words to convey my feelings.  I am trying to recall why I started writing years back… and I can only think of one thing–so that I will have something […]