It’s been a while since I last scribbled down my thoughts on things. Since the time I reacquainted myself to capturing moments and freezing time, I seldom use words to convey my feelings. 

I am trying to recall why I started writing years back… and I can only think of one thing–so that I will have something to go back to and read when the time comes that even my name I can no longer recall.

Today, as we start a new year together, I am writing something to remind me of our story.

Some months back, I started to write to my #DearStranger, I wrote a record of my daily life and my fervor wish to share it with You–an unnamed person that I know I am one day closer to meeting.

That stranger I had been waiting for finally came into my life, and that is you. 

I started this journey with you with a promise that we will take it one day at a time. 
As I try to recall the year that was, we managed to pass through different challenges that came our way– time zone differences, financial constraints, peer pressure, overwhelming workloads and some miscommunication and misunderstandings. 

I know we will still encounter challenges this year, but  whatever it is that we will be going through, as long as we are together holding hand supporting each other, I know we will survive with His guidance and blessings. 

The day I found you is the day I found my place under the sun. 
The time you said yes, is the time I told myself my life has began.   
The moment your lips touched mine is the moment when I saw fireworks in the sky.

Happy New Year.

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