Square One.

The last time I saw that smile of yours was 3 years ago. 
But things changed since then. 

All because I fell for you. 

It wasn’t love at first sight. But it hit me so deep, I always looked forward to every connivance the universe did for us to meet, work together, laugh together,  anything just to be together.
I came to the point that my day wouldn’t be complete without at least receiving a “hi” or at least a smiley from you, when opportunities to be with you seemed scarce.

When I had the courage to tell you the affection I had for you, we started to drift apart. You started to avoid me. You didn’t want me more than a friend. 

You thought it is just proper to at least restrain the ties that we have. 
Since then, I lost the chance to see that winsome smile that caught my heart. 

I tried so many times to win you back. But you kept me outside your world most of the times. 

And  so, I let you be. 

Its difficult being ignored, since I experienced happy moments with you. 
Its hard accepting I was insignificant  to someone I had valued dearly. 
Its challenging to manage a smile and pretend everything is okay, when inside I am deeply in pain and hurting. 

I saw that smile again today. 
And I am glad I was able to bring that smile back into your face. 
It seemed like I am transported back to the first day I first met you. 

Now that we are back to square one, the much wiser me will now carry on.


ed’s note:

I write things when I am ready to share them to the world. 
Now, that we are much older and wiser, I realized the things and people we want in our lives aren’t always the things and people we need to live. 
Rekindling this friendship took me years, so I will never do anything detrimental to sever it again. 

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