Fight for Love.

We started the Chinese new year with a bang–the “bang” that I wasn’t expecting.
Your words, triggered the fountain, not of fireworks, but of fired words I have thrown back at you.
Our deafening silence after that argument seemed so much louder than any firecrackers ever ignited.

I realized we let miscommunication and misunderstanding overtake a happy and joyous start of the year of the water dragon.

Fresh from a heated conversation, I saw these kids.
And I was reminded of an advice from a good friend: “in whatever circumstance you are in, do not let negative vibes ruin you.”

“Ask yourself this question”, he continued, ” the words said, acts done, or messages conveyed, do they outweigh the affection you have?”

And I was silenced. The kids in front of me, no matter how much disagreement they have, they always end up in good terms. Even if they fight over certain things, here they are eating snacks together. They may say nasty things and do crazy things, but in the end, they laugh together as if nothing terrible happened.

I knew then that I have to make it up to you. I am sorry for hurting you.

Whatever arguments we have, there are no words that would match “I love you.”
Whatever we do to hurt each other, there is no better act than kissing and cuddling you.
Whatever hate messages we expressed, nothing beats showing our  gestures of love.

Miel, let’s leave yesterday behind as we start a new month together.
Keep holding my hand as we face more challenges.
Do not give up no matter how tough things go.
And never let go, because I won’t.

Let’s journey life together, one day at a time.

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