An odd Valentine’s gift

I had drawn a picture of you and me spending this day together walking in the beach holding hands and teasing one another.

I had painted us in a dinner date on a hotel rooftop overlooking the cityscape at night while sharing a good wine and the story of how it all began for us.

I had imagined just the two of us snuggling in bed waiting for the sunrise to touch our faces and being able to see your eyes first thing in the morning.

Sadly, none of these will happen this hearts day.  For reasons beyond my control, these things will just be drawn, painted or imagined in my mind for the mean time.

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I really do not know how to make this extra special for you and me.

I didn’t bring with me any flowers to offer you nor did I order online for flower delivery.
I didn’t bother buying that heart-shaped chocolates at the mall for you to munch on.
I didn’t even take time to think for a special gift wrapped in fancy paper to surprise you.

I only have this note scribbled while waiting for you for dinner.

Today, I would just like to realize one of your dreams–to dine in at Dampa. This place, you told me, you never had been and that its your wish to eat here and try the different viands this place has to offer.

As we take this journey one day at a time, I would like us to achieve your dreams, my dreams and our dreams together.

As we look forward to the future, let’s plan and work towards our goals as individuals and as a couple.

Our journey has just started. I do not promise a smooth sailing travel. But bear in mind I will be with you no matter how tough it gets.

And for all these, I want you to know, and I have a lifetime to prove, how much I love you.

Happy Valentine’s day.

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