Real Virtual Friends.

Kuya, please come to the hospital. I met an accident.”

My heart beat suddenly rose from its usual 52 count to nearly a hundred when I heard my sibling’s voice on the other line trembling.

I rushed to her not knowing what really happened and was only guided by the fact that she is in ER alone.

I arrived half an hour later leaving significant amount of uncompleted task at work to attend to my sister.

I was relieved seeing my cousins already there. They came to the rescue when my uncle called them upon hearing the news from me. My cousins related that my sister has a crucial fall in Buendia-Taft while trying to catch a bus going to Makati CBD. And that, this fall might result to a dislocated elbow or worst, a fracture.

An hour in the waiting area seemed like eternity. When I finally heard the doctor’s assessment, I became uneasy–he will do a manual reduction to bring back the humerus (the upper arm bone), the ulna (the larger bone of the forearm) to its original position.

Seeing my sister cringe every time feels like a dagger is being buried deeper into  my heart. 
I wanted to just doze off and wish that this is all a dream. But reality bit me hard and I can’t do anything but  to hold on to Faith and let Him do His miracles.

Six hours in the ER, 3 re-aligning and x-ray sessions were carried out. After finally settling the bill, we were discharged and sent home.

During this ordeal, a few people reached out.  And I realized most of these who got my phone ringing in the waiting area are people I have met online. I have shared my life through this past year that I made virtual relationships turn into real ones.
I might not be able to discuss this personally but through this post, I wish to share this story to all of you in its entirety. 


  1. Anonymous

    Nakakatuwang isipin na hindi man natin akalaing sa mga ganitong pagkakataon na may dadamay sa iyo? Na aakalain mo lang na sa isang device mo lang nakikita at nakakausap.. pero marerelalize mo na hindi lang sa teknolohiya mo Sila or ako makikilala kundi Mas higit at Mas malalim ang Nagiging pundasyon.. na masasandalan mo sa oras ng problema..o ng pangangailangan . dito lang kami kaibigan

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