All that matters.

Fireworks has always fascinated me.

Ever since I was young, I always look forward to new year celebrations because that’s the only time that I can see fireworks displayed magnificently in the sky.

I would always be amazed by the transformation of a “kwitis” to an amazing rocket ship that launches itself from the ground until it ultimately reached its peak in the sky, and burst into glittery lights.

I would always question where and how the “fountain” gets the energy to radiate and throw away sparks of colors from that little upside-down cone.

I would always ask Mom and Dad “why can’t we have a daily fireworks display?” and to which I would always get the answer “because, son, if it would be a daily thing, you would not be as excited,  as amazed,  as starstruck as you are every new year.”

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With such a limited exposure to fireworks, I always dreamt of taking photos of it.

So when I learned there was a pyromusical competition at the SM Mall of Asia 3 years ago, I made it a point to watch the show and freeze the moments when the colorful lights lit up the dark skies.  These fireworks always bring back childhood memories of amazement and joy.

With the same eagerness as when I was a child, I booked the two of us reserved seats for this year’s Pyromusical competition. I felt ecstatic that we’ll be in  very good vantage point for the whole show.

But as the pyrotechnic competition commenced, and I started clicking the shutter, I started to  walk towards the bay and found a better view of the fireworks.  I was so engrossed in taking pictures that when the first part of the show ended, I was already far from where I left you.

I walked back towards you in that reserved seat.I realized I booked this event because I wanted to spend time with you. I sat beside you, held your hand and smiled while making a mental note to myself:

Never mind that I will not be on that better vantage point to capture photos. 
I don’t care if there will be silhouettes of people in the framed lights in the sky. 
It doesn’t matter that the shots will not be gorgeous enough to merit a second glance. 

Because all that matters now is you.

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