The Lucky One.

It was December last year when you came into my life.

From Manila, I got you in a dog bag, and we were off for that 170 km stretch on our journey home. You were so active and perky at the start of the ride, but as we continue the trip, you fell silent and sleepy, maybe because of dizziness.

Dad and mom were so surpised to see you–the daschund pup that they only see on TV and internet is now at our own abode. You became their instant “apo“.

They covered expenses for your  food, accessories, even the monthly shots necessary for your protection were all paid by my parents. I saw how happy they were when you respond to their call, and how worried they are every time they leave you at home.You became a family to us.

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You grew so fast that in 4 months time you doubled your size. You were showered with much love and care that my parents gave unconditionally. To which, you reciprocated with very adorable and sometimes intriguing ways of appreciation–the ticklish lick, the bark you do when intruders are at our doorstep, the howl you create when you think no one is at home to check on you.

Last Sunday, when I learned you were sick, and that you haven’t eaten for days, Mom has been calling friends and colleagues for a vet referral to have you checked. Only after hours that we were able to find one from references, and we brought you hurriedly to him for checkup and medication.

But luck was not on our side, we we’re too late. You were already infected with the Parvo virus.

Just today, I learned that you let go of Life. You held on for days and waited for me to come home, to be with me for the last time.

I am sad that I didn’t see you go.
I am unhappy that you left me so soon.
I am lonely because my parents lost you, their instant “apo“.

But I am glad to let you go, that He, our Creator, will be taking best care of you.

When the time comes that my children,  and grandchildren ask about pets, I will surely tell our story and how lucky I am to have had you, even for a short yet meaningful and memorable time.

So long, my dear LUCKY.
Until we meet again.

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