Of Endings and New Beginnings.

I was never fond of endings, because that only means whatever I have will be gone. I don’t look forward to finales, because I sense nothing but goodbyes and severed ties. I evade “the final bow” because this connotes cutting whatever connections or communications I have.

But that changed when I met you. 

I try to avoid new beginnings, because that means I am back at step one, of whatever I am doing. I don’t look forward to fresh start, because as a blank slate, all will be starting from scratch, from nothing. I hate starting again because that means whatever I have started before were all in vain that  I have to do it again.

But that changed when I met you. 

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Now, I always look forward to every month end because that means two things:

  1. the current month is ending, and
  2. a fresh new month is about to begin.

Ending of the month implies we spent 30 days of taking it one day at a time. Ending an old month means we survived 4 weeks of challenges of distance and of quality time. One full month connotes we held on to each other, for a month,  whatever Life present us with.

A fresh month implies 30 more days of weaving dreams, and fulfilling them one day at a time. A new month means 4 more weeks of proving how much you mean to me, and how you changed my life. Beginning another month means one more month of journeying life together, the two of us.

You made me believe that endings are simply beginnings of better things. 
You also made me realized that beginnings are milestones of happy endings. 

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